Our Specialty - Garhwali Cuisine




The Taste of Uttaranchal

There have been many influences in shaping the cuisine of Uttaranchal.

It is wholesome and nutritious in accordance with the needs of the hard working people. It has evolved from the culinary habits of the many kinds of people who have settled here over the centuries. Above all, it is based on the abundance of foodstuff cultivated here or found in the forests. No wonder, much of what is staple diet for the people, is most exotic for visitors. 

So do not be surprised if you find yourself eating a simple but delicous concoction made out of flowers picked in the forests and cooked in pure mountain ghee. There are any number of cereals and pulses to be savoured that you may not even have heard of, and are not normally available in other parts of India and the world.

As in other parts of India, the food available depends on the seasons. Not just because of what’s in season, but also because people have always eaten to harmonise with the changes in weather.

We mention here some of the dishes to give an idea of what we serve:
Singal – A local sweet snack, eaten during festivals.
Mandua ki Roti – Chappaties made from Mandua cereal. Madua roti
Gahat ki Dal – Dal prepared from Gahat, tempered with Gandherin, Asafoetida and Cumin seeds.
Rus – A Typical Kumaon delicacy prepared with mix Dal Stock, thickened by Rice paste and served with Rice.
Aloo ke Gutke – Typical Kumaon snack prepared from raw potatoes, cooked in hot spice with roasted whole red chillies and flavoured with jambu leaves.
Kumaoni Raita – Raita prepared with Cucumber, Curd and Mustard seeds. It captures in tantalising manner the pungent taste of Mustard.
Jhangora Ki Kheer
Jhangora ki Kheer – A sweet dish prepared with Jhangora (a local cereal), milk and sugar.
Sani hui Muli and Nimbu – A typical refreshing and tempting mixture of Radish, Lemon, Curd and paste of Bhang seeds, eaten during the winter season.
Singodi – A tasty sweet prepared from Khoya and Coconut, and wrapped in a leaf.
Bal Mithai – A very popular sweet dish, particularly in Kumaon, prepared from Khoya (condensed milk) and decorated with small white sugar balls. Bal Mithai
Khandali Kandalee ka Saag – A green leafy vegetable dish, prepared like other green vegetables. The leaves are locally known as ‘Bichhu Ghas’ and are picked when they are tender.
Kaafli – Boiled Spinach, finely chopped and cooked with spice and curd, thickened with rice paste. Kaafli
Arsa Arsa – A sweet delicacy prepared from Rice and Jaggery, generally served on the occasion of marriages and festivals.
Gulgula – A sweet local snack prepared in Garhwal made of Jaggery. Gulgula
Kulath Phanu Kulath ka Phanu – Phanu is a Garhwali delicacy made from the paste of various dals. It is like ‘Kadi’ in appearance but its taste is totally different from ‘Kadi’.

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